About Us

My name is Matt Ruiter and I enjoy making and using soft plastic fishing lures. With the help of my fiancé, Hannah, we are NorTex Bait Co. We are an online only business that offers local delivery to the Texoma/Grayson County Area.

After a few years of fishing the local ponds and not getting a bite for weeks at a time I realized that I'm fishing bodies of water that are small and get an abundance of anglers each day. The fish are pressured and well aware what a hook looks like. I took this as a challenge and figured my best bet to get ahead while using artificial lures is to make my own unique baits. I started making my first soft plastics in 2022 and throughout 2022-2023 I caught more and bigger largemouth bass than ever before.

I wanted to start offering these in small batches to other anglers across the United States who have faced the same issue - whether its to catch shy fish in a pressured pond or pull the big lunker needed to win a tournament, we have baits that will stand out from the rest of the competition.

You can guarantee the baits you buy from us are of the highest quality possible. With a degree in Manufacturing Technology, I have extensive education on materials and manufacturing processes. My other hobby is 3D printing and my career is working in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Quality products and customer service will always be my main priorities.